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My name is Pascalle,

founder of Okeko

I’m honoured with your visit

Let’s start right at the beginning. We are in Limburg, the most Southern province of the Netherlands bordering Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, where we see an abundant green beautiful scenery and the start of the hills in this otherwise flat country. Nowadays, many tourists visit the ancient capital city of Maastricht to enjoy the mild, sunny climate and fall in love with the French ambience, Burgundy lifestyle and funny dialect spoken by its people.

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Church, council and elite controlled and directed the lives of mostly catholic residents. Many seemed to conform to tradition, but much was happening behind the veils of appearance.

With plenty playground for creative expression and the making of a joyful reality just for fun, many took the yearly opportunity to release some build-up tension in the celebration of ‘Carnaval’ a three-day festival of changing roles and dressing up in self-made costumes.

The contrast could not be bigger. Leaving the luxurious gated urbanisation behind for an ancient house next to a goat farm. Adapting to live without electricity and flowing water, but enjoying an unforgettable healing connection with the natives and their (semi) domesticated animals in a stunning scenery surrounded by almond, olive, avocado and mango trees, all with astounding views over the Mediterranean.

While enjoying the Campo to the fullest, an opportunity presented itself to live for half a year in ‘Tierra Sana’ a retreat centre in Estepona (also Andalusia, South of Spain) and work as an assistant teacher in a spiritual development group. There, she took the first baby-steps in learning about, getting clear, sharing and presenting her developing ideas about healing and the rise of consciousness while in a full-time healing process herself, playing with the question ‘who am I really?’.

In Estepona, the ‘Okeko Learn & Share’ title was born in order to emphasis the advanced dynamic of progress without reliance on authorities and thereby leaving the fixed roles of student–teacher and client-therapist behind. Past realisations of experiments whenever she’d put the teachers hat on came back; in different primary schools and in her ‘yoga, breath & bodywork’ courses for adults in Breukelen and in ‘Centrum de Roos’, a spiritual school in Amsterdam she saw again and again that the more we identify with a role in life, the less we are able to be ourselves, recognise and allow healing forces of the universe to work through us in order for us to freely expand in consciousness.

Back in 1995, after certification as a Rebalancer®, which is a gentle form of bodywork integrating various techniques (Reichian, Trager and Feldenkrais Bodywork, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Bio-Energetics, Tai Chi, Movement Awareness, Active Meditations etc.) to give students the opportunity to choose from a broad spectrum of available methods in order to enhance awareness about being fully present in every moment and free just to be, she initially specialised in Deep Tissue Bodywork, Myofascial Release and Structural Integration through an additional training offered by Satyarthi Peloquin, the co-founder of Rebalancing International.  

A few years later, after a two-year training in ‘Meditation, Energy Alignment & Balancing’ by the late healing arts master Lisa Swidler, she made a shift to ‘Energetic Bodywork’ when realising that tuning in, doing less and playing with the energies gives faster and deeper healing results. As an assistant teacher in Lisa’s workshop as well as in Tierra Sana, she saw that this realisation brought the same marvellous results in group-work as well. Here, she could explore to her heart’s desire because as an assistant she was in a position of ‘no-pressure, no-stress’ while having the freedom to tune in, play and share whatever came up in the moments when participants asked questions or when there was a sharing about intentions, perceptions, expressions and experiences in life.

Besides that, she remembered that: ‘if we allow ourselves to play we will learn whatever we need to learn’. The process of learning is fun, it’s a journey full of discoveries and therefore supposed to be free without competition, pressure to achieve and arrive at a finish defined by someone else. There is no finish, life is a continual learning process. In that respect, there is no fear, pain or stress when we allow ourselves to play in life. This realisation helped her the most whenever challenged in the classroom, session room or in life in general for that matter, therefore the set-up of Okeko is playful as well.

In 2014, she made a move to the UK and after a year Sheffield, she landed very happy in Scotland where she started to write, to further her healing process. On a side note, she highly recommends journaling as a way to get clear what’s really happening (mostly at deeper levels) in our lives.

Writing provided her also to get clear what ‘Okeko’ means and how to manifest it in the most creative and effective way taking into account the dynamics of relating freely to one-another to heal, learn and share without controlling power structures we find in most organisations so that ‘Okeko Learn & Share’ develops gradually for mutual benefit.

Life bring us the lessons we need to learn. As always, she attracts people in life who help her on her path of self-discovery and satisfy her curiosity in search for ideas, knowledge and experiences about healing. For instance, after years of studying Dr. Randolph Stone’s ‘Polarity Therapy’ and integrating his healing techniques in bodywork sessions, she found a great therapist close to home and thoroughly enjoyed the many private sessions that led to deeper understanding of the method and release of detrimental patterns.

Many studies, courses, training and workshops followed to keeping up to date while working in her private clinic since 1995, such as: Emotional Group Therapy Venwoude, Family Systems, Power of the Heart with Walid Daw, Humaniversity AUM Meditation, Tantra & Primal Work Egmond aan Zee, Pilates and White Cloud Yoga with Andreas Justrich, Hatha Yoga with Teresa Caldas, ‘Bikram Yoga’ A’dam, Thai Massage Bangkok, ‘Triggerpoint’ Bodywork Eindhoven and more recently the ‘Regenetics’ course on DNA Activation, Fundamentals Course ‘Wim Hof Method’ and Level I & II ‘Bioenergy Therapy Domancic Method’ in Bled Slovenia.

All with amazing results on her continual healing journey which she’s eager and delighted to share and part of the reason why she’s facilitating Okeko, along with the notion that many people are born with tremendous artistic talents, intuitive healing abilities and came to this planet to facilitate healing and raise consciousness to thrive, learn and share conjointly with many others.

In order to facilitate healing we have to be okay; discover and realise who we really are; align and play with healing forces. For if we play with these goodies we prevent them from wasting away, refine our-Self and help our peers. If we learn to direct our point of attention towards healing we can manifest our inherent qualities, abilities and talents in an effortless and effective way for the benefit of all.

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About Okeko

In contrast to the ‘flower power’ dynamics of the sixties, Pascalle’s parents had chosen to lead a conservative life, bound by strict rules and regulations. Like many other people of their generation, they were still in a healing process, although most of them didn’t fully realise how much they were recovering from the impact of trauma and fear during the wars in the Netherlands.

Her parents had one objective in mind: work hard so that their children could ‘become somebody’. While unaware of the powerful consequences of such a mind-set, Pascalle became a primary teacher. Gradually she became aware of the constant pressure of trying to be and act in a certain way. Like many others, gradually abandoning herself by neglecting needs, forever feeling overpowered by authorities and overwhelmed by peer pressure to fit in, the way to release and cope with these psychological dynamics was having her emotions.

Until, the mountain of expectation became to high. After her forced awakening in 1991 because of a burn-out, she became aware of what was going on. Her body was in severe pain, unable to lift her arms to write on the classroom’s blackboard and the attacks of migraine made her feel as if her skull was about to crack. Many of her fellow junior primary teachers (in fact 60%) in that year went through a similar experience.

A burn-out motivates us to re-asses everything in life, and so she did.

That’s how her path of self-discovery started with the gradual finding of the flow of life i.e. the energetic alignment with healing forces of the universe; the conscious, powerful creative love energies that we often fail to notice, misinterpret or disregard which brings our mind and body in motion; we’ll have insistent thoughts and emotions to discover that we are out of the flow of life and stuck in a rut, if you will. If we further misinterpret or disregard our emotions the next warnings and alerts to expect, (i.e. signals for us to become more aware of what’s going on) are fear, pain and stress. We all have a choice to live-on in the flow of life as we will see later on in this introduction.

When she learned this lesson gradually, Universal forces by Law of Attraction presented her with appropriate people, presentations, workshops, courses, books, films, events and so on, to discover her-self and the Self of others as well. After her burn-out, she managed to build up strength and confidence, release fear, pain and stress by becoming a fashion model, calligraphist, bookseller, taking lessons in competitive swimming, martial arts, dance, meditation, healing arts, group-therapy, enrolling in the Avatar® course and Rebalancing® training to become a certified bodyworker.

In 1995, she started her bodywork practice and worked mainly in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. Three years later the Internet became very interesting to her, and she co-created ‘The Halcyon… information, communication, awareness’ website to provide her clients with valuable eclectic information for free. The website became more popular than thought, so the next step was creating opportunities to communicate about ‘the Halcyon’ topics by organising gatherings (incl. diner & dance) to facilitate expansion of awareness, but in 2005 she realised that nobody was ready for this development.

This was also the year that the name ‘Okeko’ came to her. Very intrigued that no-one yet had used this palindrome, she decided to keep it to herself until 2012 when she gave up literally everything to be free. It was a phase of letting go… belongings, relationships and work to reflect deeper on her quest in life. She moved up a hill near Velez-Malaga in the Spanish Campo (very rural setting) after five years Marbella, both in Andalusia, South of Spain.