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We’ve started our gatherings in December 2017 and you’re welcome to read the full introduction to our first and second Okeko Gathering in Helensburgh, Scotland. Hosted by June, facilitated by Pascalle

A warm welcome to the first Okeko Gathering here in June’s flat in Helensburgh. Many thanks to June for listening to my endless ramblings, riddles and scribbles, the courage to start an experimental healing journey with the longing to raise consciousness and providing us with such a lovely, cosy, safe and welcoming place, so we can learn & share, learn to share, share to learn, let our light shine, our voice be heard and presence appreciated.

I realise that not everybody present has received the same information about the Okeko Gatherings and that’s totally okay. It gives me the opportunity to introduce the concept briefly and remind the ones who already got more information what the most important aspects are.

Okeko gathers okay (or intend to be okay) individuals to heal and raise consciousness. We learn & share about unveiling identical qualities appearing internal (I am okay) and external (You are okay, plus Universal conscious creative love energies). We process and let go of fears, pain and stress that arise in relationship with others due to miscommunication, abuse, not been seen or heard, abandonment, lack of trust in the absence of emotional bonding, violence etc. to create lovely Cosmic coherent relationships based on trusting intuition from our true and freer self.  

Just shift the emphasis and we get: ‘OOK EKO’ (Dutch for ‘also ecological/organic’)

'Ecological' relates to or is concerned with the relationship of living organisms to one another and to their environment. 'Organic' is about food or farming methods without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other artificial chemicals. Furthermore, 'organic' denotes a coherent relationship between the elements of a whole and characterizes gradual or natural development. The significance for Okeko will become clear in this introduction.



Okeko is gathering okay energies to learn, share, heal, raise consciousness about flow in life so that we can create okay and playful realities full of art.





OKEKO is a palindrome (we can read it forward & backwards)

OKE = Dutch for okay OKE+OKE= Okeko (at least two OKs coming together)

OK is used in our languages in varied ways:

* adjective & adverb (meaning ‘all right’)

* noun (plural ok’s) (meaning ‘approval, sanction’)

* verb (ok’s/ok’d/ok’ing) (meaning ‘approval, sanction’)

“90% of pain = emotional. There is a spasm in the emotional field before the spasm in the spine & the body.”

Dr. Randolph Stone (founder of polarity therapy)




It’s a choice to step into our power, discover and align with our inherent guiding systems. We have so much to share, together we know so much and whenever we share our wisdom, insights, intuition and feelings, allowing ourselves to free play in dialogues, which means without hierarchic power structures, curriculum and fixed guidelines, we learn together and refine our intentions to create realities to our heart’s desire; truly live-on in the flow.


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Okeko Learn & Share



Okeko is gathering okay energies to heal and raise consciousness. Healing is a playful awareness process to let our struggles go, to be okay, which means we’re letting go anxiety, pain and stress by processing emotions, as a way to align mind, heart and gut energies and access higher levels of consciousness that transform intention, perception, experience and expression in coherence with conscious Cosmic, powerful creative love energies which in essence is, to take a short-cut, who we are.

When it comes to proper identification with who we are, we’ll have to cut the crap, if you will. In short, we are a unique flow of consciousness and if we raise consciousness together in dialogues, we fine-tune with infinite Universal consciousness, our life force which we can use to make a choice in life to create okay and playful realities to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn, celebrate our presence with people who are okay or intend to be okay and facilitate healing and the rise of consciousness for the benefit of others as well.


The plan from the start was to have weekly gatherings where regular participants secure a place without the need for membership. If a group becomes too big, we can either split the group in participants and observers or see this expansion as an opportunity to organise an Okeko Gathering in our own home, forming a new group of participants and preferably with as much variety as possible. Think of variety as in:

* different ages: kids, teenagers, adolescents, adults, elderly are welcome;

* people from all walks of life;

* people in need of healing and people eager to raise consciousness.

Okeko Gatherings are organised and facilitated by two different people. There is even a business opportunity with a regular income. Aspiring Organisers and Facilitators are encouraged to attend the gatherings and get a feel for the concept. When they feel confident enough and ready to organise or facilitate a gathering themselves, they can step forward and manifest their wishes together with us.

In order to facilitate healing as a service to others, we our-selves need to heal and raise consciousness, for if we can reflect and see our-selves in others we can perceive and express love, live-on in the flow of Universal consciousness and relate to others the artist way, which means we let go of habits, hang-ups, limiting beliefs & assumptions, contradiction, useless control and conflict in order to heal.

The late singer and writer Leonard Cohen said: “If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick all your life.”  

Okeko Gatherings are opportunities to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn and/or have our presence appreciated by people who are okay or intend to be okay. We don’t have to do anything, no pressure, no expectation. Just relax and be Our-Selves.

Learn to freely share ‘you being you’, to be seen by other friendly people who give undivided attention so that we all are being seen for who-we-are is part of the Okeko healing journey to raise consciousness. We can partake in this unique, exiting, creative, fun, maybe sometimes a bit challenging but certainly entertaining gathering where healing becomes easier, faster, more powerful and very enlightening because of our shared okay intentions.

The simple but unique and therefore powerful format of Okeko’s Gatherings without membership, curriculum, fixed guidelines, hierarchic power structures and so on ensures that we can meet as peers to learn from each other in dialogues and share talents, views, wisdom, insights, (dis)abilities to heal, fears, emotions, thoughts, feelings, intentions, creativity, love and the more.

It is a fact that if people gather, healing takes place and whenever we gather with the aim of healing the more profound results we can expect. Surely, if we want to find solutions for problems we need to rise up a level of consciousness which means we reconnect with our innate authority, intelligence, creativity, power, courage and love source, share that with others so that we can practise with our refined perceptions and expressions in order to bring forth our blind spots which are, more often than not, more visible for others than for ourselves and realise that because we gather with a healing intention, we create a huge potential to facilitate each others healing.

All healing is ultimately Self-healing and the word facilitation means ‘making it easier’.

For the biggest part, healing is a process of letting go, so that mind, heart and gut energies align with Cosmic forces and if we are able to notice the healing dynamics, we will learn how these forces (also called the healing flow or vortex) inspire us to raise consciousness about what it means to flow in life.

Next to education and participating in various workshops, reading books, watching films and video’s and attending presentations, I’ve learned the most profound lessons in life from the children in school, clients in the bodywork practice, participants in courses and group-work, people and animals in the Spanish Campo and by having and processing ups and downs of emotions, going through fears and burn-outs, leaving pain and stress behind.

In the Okeko Gatherings, we share talents, abilities, perceptions, intentions and experiences so that others feel encouraged to share theirs and explore the flow of the healing force, a flow that we often fail to notice, misinterpret or disregard because we are trained to live mainly according to our programmed mind energies.

Looking back, we see that the basic choice in life is letting go of programs and detrimental patterns that keep us trapped, so we cease to go round in circles, which is a profound lesson to learn and counts for half the healing process done. After that, the rest falls into place by allowing the unfolding of awareness and keeping up to speed with the vibration of higher consciousness.

Just because others didn’t reflect our innate powers, talents and abilities enough for us to explore and develop them, doesn’t mean that these can be erased without our consent. Life can be so simple if we allow flow and maintain our okay intentions in Cosmic coherence with our powers, talents and abilities. Many like to facilitate a process to find and explore this flow and in the meantime learn even more about joy- art- and playful living-on in the flow ourselves.

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Like to read more? Sure, you’re welcome to read our second Okeko Gathering Introduction as well…. Okeko Gathering

“You may say, “there is nothing I can do about my situation at the moment.” This may be the case, but there are things you can do. You can accept where you are. This does not mean giving up and staying stuck. As much as if you fell over and was covered in mud from head to toe, would you never wash again? You would change your clothes, shower and keep your eyes open next time.”

Ian Fox ‘Small Wants Little Needs: The Spiritual and Practical Solution To Becoming Financially Free’ (p. 20). Fox House Publishing. Kindle Edition.