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Bioenergy Healing Gatherings in Cardross are ongoing (weekly)

The First Series of Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings were organised in December 2017, Helensburgh, Scotland. A small group of participants gathered for 16 weeks every Thursday evening from 7-9 pm to heal and raise consciousness.

Although we’ve enjoyed our free dialogues immensely and many times felt reluctant to depart which resulted in gatherings that went on till late at night ;) just like the flow of energy described by Franks Sills in ‘Energy Becoming Physical’, our group flow lost impetus and reached a 'point of exhaustion' so we decided to pause the gatherings to evaluate and refine Okeko’s concept.

Like the 'surface tension' in cosmic bubbles, we’ve reached this powerful edge to return to source in an inward-moving, receptive phase where we allow the energy-in-formation and insights from the gatherings to form a new reality. Thanks to all participants and their valuable input, we never had a dull moment, that’s for sure, we now can clarify Okeko’s healing perspective, direction and purpose.

Like to read more about these Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings? Sure, you’re welcome to read our first and second Okeko Gathering Introduction….

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Okeko Gathering Updates

Here at Okeko, we feel blessed that we had the opportunity to gather with people from many walks of life, on different levels of consciousness and in various stages of progress to mark and experience healing dynamics. Next to participants clear about and okay with Okeko’s concept, understanding their quest in life and eager to heal and raise consciousness, we’ve had participants with less clarity, understanding and eagerness. We welcomed participants afraid to ‘feel like a duck out of the water’ and the regnant ones who came to teach us a lesson, speak on behalf of the group to convince us that we needed more conventional structure, perhaps even an agenda and committee.

As you know, Okeko Gatherings are uniquely free, which means without membership, fixed guidelines, curriculum or hierarchic power structures. We would like to emphasis that it’s a choice to join us on our experiential healing journey where we go beyond the limits of our bodily instruments, normalised perception and intend to learn from insights that come from flow in life to create our own reality.

The world that we see, hear, smell, taste, touch with our very modest bodily instruments (eyes, ears, etc.) is not representing the whole of our experience. We need to tap into the flow of information beyond our impressions of the so called physical reality to find our unique perception, that’s why we don’t need traditional teaching methods and hierarchic power structures in our gatherings. First of all, there’s a big difference between teaching and sharing. The latter is more playful creative and gives us an option to learn. We’re free to consider, take or leave information. So, if we learn to ‘see’ beyond our senses, life itself becomes our sole teacher. Furthermore, if we know that life is a profound learning and healing journey, we learn to see, hear, etc. ‘through’ our so called physical impressions, get a feel for the energies-in-formation, tune ourselves to the flow of information behind our stories and so on, we heal and raise consciousness without dependency on mentors.

It was interesting to receive contrastive feedback from the Okeko participants. Sure, they were all grateful for the experience, but some concluded that the gatherings were not for them and others learned loads from the dialogues. Participants who longed for insights in their quest in life received feedback in the gatherings which enabled them to become more aware of healing dynamics that intensified flow not only in their life but in others around as well. Of course, we could write a book about what we’ve experienced in these 16 gatherings ;) we intend to share some remarkable exchanges and insights on our future blog website.

But for now, we like to share that we saw proof of the fact that when people play it safe in life, they hinder flow and when they allow themselves to play, they flow in life. In Okeko Gatherings, we intend to rise above our normalised perception of the nature of self, reality and the subsequent traditional division of experiences in orderly fashion. If we solely categorise our so called physical impressions in positive, negative, good and bad, we will always miss the powerful edge of the inward-moving flow, the receptive phase as described above, where we allow the energy-in-formation, intuition and insights to form a fresh reality.


Be Okay

Let struggles go
Release fear,

pain and stress

Healing is a
playful process

We create our
own reality in
alignment with

Universal crea-
tive love flows
of life and raise

What is
your secret

Besides that, it’s much more fun, interesting and enlightening to look beyond our programmed mind-set. That’s why Okeko’s purpose is to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn and/or have our presence appreciated in order to heal and raise consciousness which means we observe or participate in a playful process to let struggles go. We process emotions, let go of fear, pain and stress in order to align with powerful Universal creative love flows of life to be okay.

Maybe for many it may sound as a paradox, but it means also that we don’t have to do anything. We got confirmed that many participants didn’t realise the healing power of the part that says: ‘have our presence appreciated’. So, let’s make it clear that if we really intend to heal and gather to raise consciousness, our ‘energetic vaults’ automatically unlock, so that we become aware of the places in body/mind where we keep our secret stuff or store unprocessed emotions that hinder us to flow in life. Furthermore, unlocking doesn’t mean opening, when we unlock a door, we turn the key but the door is still closed, the next option is to open it whenever ready.

Of course, in the gatherings we can experiment to our heart’s desire, explore freely any topic, follow interests and intuition, allow feelings, emotions, fears  to expand our perception of the nature of self and reality. Likewise, it means that we acknowledge small talk to socialize. Of course, it is okay to carefully dip toes in the water before diving in, nevertheless Okeko’s purpose is to heal and raise consciousness, which means we’re not meeting up for a cuppa tea to blather.

Okeko Gatherings are as free as they can be. In our gatherings, we’ve explored the nature of self and reality: perception of who-we-are; relations to others and environment; thoughts and feelings; fears and emotions; recognition of beliefs, habits and patterns that longer serve us on our continual healing journey; the art of letting go and the flow of life. All with awesome results, for instance we’ve enjoyed talking about insights and changes in the way we communicate with amazing results in the flow of revelations and creativity.

A creative flow prompt us to leave the groove, if you will, of what we denote as normal life. So the outcome for participants eager to learn was authentic communication, seeing solutions for problems faster, more in tune with objectives and thus less prone to fall for distractions. After processing emotions, one participant even noticed how two family members suddenly changed limiting patterns in lifestyle and communication.  

You see, if one processes emotions and rises consciousness, we all rise. Unless of course, we slow down, resist and refuse to keeping up to speed with expanding consciousness. So yeah, some participants felt resistance to the free-flow of information and the absence of guidelines, curriculum or authorities. It’s clear that Okeko’s concept doesn’t appeal to people who want to keep things as they are and a reminder of the purpose of an Okeko Gathering becomes a threat to the status quo. ‘There’s no growth in comfort’ as one participant put it and Okeko resonates with the truth of this statement.

Again, Okeko Gatherings are as free as they can be, but we also have to mention a decision about future facilitation. So we will finish this update by considering our original not-for-profit idea. The overwhelming majority of suggestions to leave this idea behind, finally starts to make sense. We’ve offered the Okeko Gatherings for free for many reasons, but the wish to attract groups of people who take the effort to realising what Okeko is all about and choosing to be in a healing flow with the purpose of raising consciousness is stronger now. We like to develop in this direction and wish that Okeko profits too to invest in this purposed expansion, because in this way it is more likely that we attract people eager to learn & share, who want great results, just like us.

There is plenty free playground left, even when honouring the primary decision to leave the teachers hat in the box, we’re emphasising the facilitation of healing a bit more. Facilitation means ‘making it easier’ and we like to explore this in two ways. First of all, now that Okeko’s website is ready, which wasn’t the case when starting our try-out, we can motivate visitors to read all the pages to determine whether Okeko’s purpose appeals to them. Facilitation of Okeko Learn & Share is also about leaving comfort-zones behind. For instance, we all learn to share stuff that we keep to ourselves because of fear what others will think of us. So whether facilitating, organising or participating in gatherings, the process of healing becomes easier if we know that we learn to share to learn. Here at Okeko, we’re also sharing all this to learn and progress on our healing journey.

Secondly, in order to learn from the profound healing dynamics with tangible results in all areas of life, we love to learn from fresh insights, therefore, we fancy gatherings with people eager to learn & share to enhance flow in life. In Okeko Learn & Share, we love to share more than 25 years of teaching and healing experience in various individual and group courses, advancement on the journey of self-healing including studies, relentless research, learning and sharing healing skills. On top of that, in our 17 years of running a private bodywork practice, we’ve successfully helped people from all walks of life with emotional and thus psychological and physical problems even when they were told by traditional health care providers that they had to learn to live with their dis-ease.

By tuning into the energy-in-formation, balancing, aligning and becoming aware of the energies behind stories, conditions and circumstances, our clients not only healed themselves, but found answers to their quest in life as well. It makes more sense to proceed in the same way with Okeko Gatherings, which means with people who are also okay with a valued exchange of offerings to balance the energies of give and take including fair money transactions, in order to support Okeko’s purpose to facilitate healing effortlessly but effective so that these powerful healing dynamics become known far and wide..

So, please make sure to read all the pages of our website before contacting us with a request to facilitate, organise or participate in Okeko Gatherings in order to prepare adequately for an extra-ordinary meeting with great healing potential to raise consciousness. In the weeks ahead, we work towards publishing the okeko.co.uk website* to promote Okeko Learn & Share ABC (Art – Bodywork – Cosmic Choice) Gatherings and presenting the opportunity for people in the Glasgow-Dumbartonshire-Argyll&Bute area of Scotland to have gatherings in their own residencies or venues.

Okeko Gatherings are unique opportunities to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn and/or have our presence appreciated and intended to heal and raise consciousness. Healing is a playful process of letting struggles go, to be okay, which means we create our own reality in alignment with powerful Universal creative love flows of life.

* Okeko.Co.Uk is Live ! Okeko ABC Gatherings Now Available…