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Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness

In ‘Okeko Learn & Share’ Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness we have dialogues with people who are okay or intend to be okay, explore freely any topic of interest and welcome every opportunity to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn and/or have our presence appreciated. Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings are free-flowing experiential healing journeys, which also means that we don’t need membership, curriculum, fixed guidelines and hierarchic power structures.

In past gatherings we’ve explored the nature of self and reality: perception of who-we-are; relating to others and environment; thoughts and feelings; fears and emotions; recognition of beliefs, habits and patterns that longer serve us on our continual healing journey; the art of letting go and the flow of life.

In dedicated Okeko ABC Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness we play with the unique, creative, simple but powerful healing tools & techniques of art, bodywork and ‘cosmic choice’ to initiate a profound healing process in alignment with omnipotent creative Universal love energies so that we progressively raise consciousness together.

Okeko gathers okay energies for healing to create opportunities for participants to build free and open, which means without top-down power structures, dedicated healing communities and support groups. Besides that, participants can create ethical, sustainable and artistic ways of generating income by organising Okeko Gatherings in their own area.

In small groups, we learn and share, thus become more aware of the nature of self and reality. All around us, people are letting go of total identification with race, gender, age, job, title, life-story, status, heritage, cultural background, amount of money in the bank, bodily appearance and conditions, personality, lifestyle and so on in order to realise they are in fact consciousness, a flow of mind, body, spirit awareness connecting seemingly inner and outer realities, including an awareness and clearer perception of self. In Okeko Gatherings we freely explore the significance of our insights.

Many people already know that the word ‘self’ is about a share in consciousness, identical to others, which becomes clearer if we take a look at the root meaning of the word in foreign languages like German, Dutch and Spanish. There we find that ‘self’ means ‘same’ and identical’. To realise the implications of this knowledge, we need to transcend the boundaries we’ve been building around us and gradually let go of the image we’ve created of our-selves and others.

The purpose of Okeko is to align with healing forces, so that we can purify the perception of who-we-are, clarify our intentions in communication with others and guide our point of attention to love, truth, courage, creativity, intuition, insight, wisdom, dreams, visions and ways of intelligent expression in order to learn, share and raise consciousness together with peers on the planet.

To make sure an Okeko Gathering is organised in the most optimal way, an Okeko Organiser and Facilitator fulfil a few tasks. The primary and good-hearted intention of both, like all Participants in the Gathering, is to heal and raise consciousness. Besides that, the Organiser invites all Participants to a welcoming place; explains how we address feedback; verifies that we all agree to the Terms & Conditions and sign the Okeko Learn & Share Gathering Consent Form, the Facilitator signals the start and end of a gathering, clarifies Okeko’s concept and partakes in the flow of information to encourage healing processes.

Okeko is about supporting one another in exploring, transforming and transcending the systems in body, mind, spirit to identify and align with powerful creative Universal love energies. We process emotions, intend to release fear, pain and stress by letting go of limiting beliefs, assumptions, habits, hang-ups, contradiction, useless control and conflict in order to live-on in the flow of life which frees us to receive Universal enlightening information and enables us to experience and express in a Cosmic coherent, art- play- and powerful way.

More and more people find that if there are no obvious solutions for problems, no release of fear, pain and stress, it becomes necessary to shift to a higher level, reaching beyond what is already known. In Okeko Gatherings we learn to share to learn.


learn, share, heal

process fears and emotions to be okay

raise consciousness

 create okay and playful realities full of art

“It seems that as a species, we finally are learning to tune out external “authority” designed to control our head and listen to our heart’s unerring wisdom instead”

Sol Luckman, ‘Potentiate Your DNA’, A practical guide to healing & transformation with the Regenetics Methode; page 156, PDF version
Phoenix Center for Regenetics

We are the flow of life, the nurturing wave that heals us all, we reflect in the stillness of our deep insights, emerge fresh in higher awareness about what’s really going on in and around our bodies which enables us to let go of detrimental patterns, create lovely, art- play- and powerful ones to be fully okay and share experiences far and wide with peers on the planet.


“A man who is serious, who wants to find out the truth or see things really clearly [...] [has to make] the demand of freedom, not only from authority, but the demand from fear… which makes him to accept authority.”

“The fear makes man violent […] the freedom from authority implies the freedom from fear and the freedom of fear implies the cessation of every form of violence.”

[…] As long as man accepts violence, lives a way of life which is violent, he perpetuates fear and therefore violence and also accepts authority. It’s a vicious circle.” Video: “Is it Possible to Live with Total Lucidity?” J. Krishnamurti & Dr. Huston Smith. Quote at 17:48

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Okeko Introduction

“Love is the absence of Anxiety.”

“It is the basic evasion of the essential which is the problem of man.”

“Once we open up to the flow of energy within our body, we can also open up
to the flow of energy in the universe.“

Wilhelm Reich http://www.azquotes.com/author/12193-Wilhelm_Reich

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