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In Franklyn Sills (the dean of the Polarity Therapy Educational Trust) book 'The Polarity Process; energy as a healing art' first published in 1989, is the process of ‘energy becoming physical’ explained, its entry in our world of the five senses, so we can see, touch, taste, hear or smell it.

Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, shares a Universal Law which he called the 'Polarity Principle' which is the movement of opposites underlying all creation. The movement of opposite energy centres are the basis of the creation of life, all life: people, animals, plants.

The flow of 'centrifugal' (outgoing, expanding) energy from Source forms each man and woman. This expanding energy (the energy of becoming) doesn't expand limitless, because when it reaches its destination of becoming physical, high vibrating energies become denser in a step-down phase to 'condense' (crystallizing) in physical form.

Dr. Stone writes: “On the surface of […] energy fields […] they meet the resistance of space which contracts upon them and slows them down further to crystallisation. This is called surface tension…. The surface limits the central activity… to confine and protect the soft and ever-expanding interior energy fields.”

Franklyn Sills writes: “This process can be visualised like a vast sphere expanding away from the source in all directions. At the point where the impulse slows down, the energy flow has lost impetus [drive] and reaches a 'point of exhaustion'. It is at this point of exhaustion of the original outgoing impulse that the surface tension forms.

Physical form is at the extreme edge of this process. It is at the 'surface tension' of the cosmic bubble. The powerful thing about being at this edge, is that from here, a return to the source in an evolutionary, centripetal [inward-moving], receptive, phase is now possible.”

This is a way to visualise Cosmic energies flowing constantly in a sphere without energy gain or loss. So here, the effort of endless expansion of our energies, leads to forcibly having to tweak the flow to prevent its involvement into the centripetal (inward-moving, receptive) movement where we reflect, become aware of energies in and around us and learn our deeper lessons in the flow of energy as it is on its way back to source.

Franklyn Sills conveys that where the 'surface tension' is at the edge of the cosmic bubble, the movement of energy reaches it outermost point and the flow of energy is drawn together to go into a contracting phase to form a new neutral centre.

This happens in a very subtle way and from this neutral centre consciousness crystallises as 'mind'. Franklyn Sills: “This is not the physical brain, but a subtle and formative layer where movements of thought arise. At this phase, thoughts […] are of a neutral 'uncharged' or non-emotional state.

[…] This movement is again slowed or crystallised into [the phase where] thought processes take on subtle feeling tones. […] Thought takes on qualities of subtle emotional charge. These energies of thought and feeling step down in quality to form the physical realm. An understanding of this configuration is crucial in understanding the patterns of health and disease. Currents of thought and emotion mould the physical body and must be dealt with in all healing relationships.”

Energy Becoming Physical

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