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Okeko? The name Okeko® is a 'palindrome', a word that we can read forwards and backwards. What's behind the name? 'Oke' is Dutch for okay. Okeko’s founder was born in the Netherlands and Okeko gathers, at least, two okay people who intend to become (more) aware of the healing flow in life to mark the sacred healing results on our continual learning and healing journey. Oke+Oke=Okeko

In Okeko Learn & Share we have dialogues with people who are okay or intend to be okay, we gather okay energies to learn, share, heal and raise consciousness so that we create okay and playful realities full of art. We explore freely any topic of interest and welcome every opportunity to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn and/or have our presence appreciated. Let's come together to learn & share (and share & learn).

Furthermore, if we play a bit with the name Okeko, divide it in 'ok...eko' it points out how okay 'ecological' is and the great value of 'organic growth’. With an emphasis on the first two fonts in Dutch, we get 'ook eko' which means 'also eco'…. 'Ecological' relates to or is concerned with the relationship of living organisms to one another and to their environment.

'Organic' is about food or farming methods without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other artificial chemicals. Furthermore, 'organic' also denotes a coherent relationship between the elements of a whole and characterizes gradual or natural development. Okay, let's move on.

Why? In Okeko Learn & Share, we gather to heal and raise consciousness without membership, fixed system, curriculum or guiding authority to freely explore our quest in life. The structure of a gathering organically forms according to the needs and offerings of the participants. Besides that, in dedicated Learn & Share ABC Gatherings we explore our three favourite topics (Art, Bodywork & Cosmic Coherent Choice) available on our Okeko.co.uk website. These topics can be explored in a certain sequence to enable a holistic healing process or used separately to improve specific skills.

Generally we Learn & Share In Dialogues, we communicate... freely about any topic of interest, for instance the nature of ‘Self’ and reality, which means we gather to share, inform; join, unite, participate or literally 'make common' (make free, open, public; shared by all or many; make familiar) a realisation of ‘Self’ that transcends the normalised view that we are a personality, stuck in a body and glued to a role in life. We have dialogues about the flow of life and explore whether we can partake in a continual healing process to raise awareness about who we really are and what we really want.

At first sight, it may seem that we live separate lives, and we might even feel isolated from others and environment. We need the courage to challenge the image that we have created of our-selves and others. Soon we’ll notice the vast shared energetic reality on our continual learning and healing journey in order to raise consciousness about our true nature. We learn to remark our common inherent guidance systems as a way to discover deeper truths in the more subtle realities of insights and feelings in relationship to the energetic dynamics of Universal flow.

More than ever, our learning experiences are connected to a shared healing process on this planet in which we are offered opportunities to raise consciousness. As we transcend our perceived boundaries and identities, we learn to tune into energetic information to gain clarity about who we are which enhances our ability to create our own reality. We are part of a healing dynamic in the same way as we have a connection to the wholeness of our breathing sequence. We breath in & let go & breath in & let go… in the same way we learn & share & learn & share….

Learn & Share

Share & Learn

It is a fact that if people gather, healing takes place, because we attract energetic equivalents in people, circumstances and events that help us on our continual healing journey. Whenever we gather with the purpose of healing, the more profound results we can expect. Surely, if we want to solve problems, let go of fear, pain and stress, we need to rise up a level of consciousness which means we reconnect with our innate creative, wise and powerful love source to learn, share and practise with our refined intentions, perceptions and expressions to bring forth our blind spots which are often more visible for others than ourselves.

Most of our struggles find their origin in our habit to create fixed images of ourselves (and others) and our desire to become somebody. We invest in the building of an ego without reflection and therefore miss the opportunity to transcend it. In this way, we get stuck by repeating emotions without awareness about their origin. We’re likely to go around in circles, for instance whirl around in regret, resentment and other states of low vibration, instead of in the flow of our healing spiral, if you will.

It is a great challenge for us, worthy of our attention, to look beyond cultural norms that readily teach us how to function in our societies by adapting better to structures laid out by people who like to play in hierarchic arrangements or how to swiftly leaving one role and swap it for another when that seem to suit us better in certain phases of our lives. It is a great challenge to look beyond our roles and fixed images in order to discover that we are more than the roles we believe we need to play and way more than all the images together. Who we really are? Let’s consider ‘flow of life’, a playful steam of infinite consciousness consisting of powerful Universal creative love energies.  

Okeko Gatherings are playgrounds to learn and share about the flow of life, so that we can heal, which means we let go of limiting beliefs, habits, patterns, hang-ups, assumptions, contradiction, useless control and conflict to raise consciousness, ultimately to realise deeply who we really are and what we really want. The Okeko Gatherings also serve as a reference or anchor, something to reflect on and look forward to, in order to keep track of our learning progression which gives us a stronger connection with our purpose and direction in life.

On top of that, when aware people gather with a healing, learning and sharing intention, the outcome is impressive. When we’re ready to deeply acknowledge that life is all about experiences to learn, refine and share our talents and abilities because that’s what we came to do here on this planet and have fun with it, we’ll notice remarkable results in finding artful expressions and marking healing phenomena for the benefit of all.

Many of us crave to have genuine contact with peers on the planet and be seen for who we truly are. Initially, we all seem to be convinced that it’s better to hide our fear, pain, stress and negative emotions and learn along the way that we get more stuck. We heal by sharing and letting go of our story, so that we get in touch with the lessons behind stories and imago in order to live-on freely and authentically.

Share, Let Go and Heal

You see, if we feel isolated or stuck, we need to share, reconnect, let go, heal, step out of the vicious circle by allowing ourselves to be in the flow of life again and it's often easier than we think. Okeko wants to get us started, without authorities telling us how and when.

We need places to share our experiences with people who are okay or intend to be okay in order to let go of detrimental patterns in life, to make new choices in coherence with our abilities and talents, environment, Cosmic energies and Universal laws. Our willingness to observe the more subtle realities, to open our hearts and minds to share, to learn and let go, creates a powerful vortex of healing energy that opens doors in life so that we attract lovely creative experiences.

Contrary to people who find themselves stuck in a rut, so to speak, there are people who are very much flowing in life with ideas and discoveries, who are seeking opportunities for free expression to share their insights. In Okeko Gatherings we meet people with various needs and offerings. We use dialogue in search for meaning and creative ways to free play with insights and feelings on our adventure to find a common purpose to explore the way we relate to others and be totally okay in the flow of life.

Be Okay


In the past, many of us strived for the attainment and stability of feeling happy, but because the level of happiness fluctuates all the time, i.e. we feel totally happy and the next moment we feel this or that, according to unfolding circumstances, the happy feeling might be hard to find. On top of that, we tend to beat ourselves up and feel bogged down by whatever we define as negative experiences. We constantly seem to be afraid of what comes into our reality or leaves us, because we demand a steady supply of happy feelings and become dependent on conditions.

So, it’s not wise to pressurize ourselves to feel happy all the time. Even when we feel unhappy, we still can be okay. When processing emotions with awareness, we are fully capable to go through all kinds of so called negative energies because we trust the healing dynamic that we learn to allow effortlessly. We bounce back in fuller awareness about our lessons to learn and find fresh reasons to be grateful.

It’s so much more fun to learn from flow, the coming and going of contrasting and blending energies in life. It gives us way more freedom if we allow ourselves to explore all its offerings, departures and healing experiences. Of course, the art of allowing liberates us tremendously and gives us power to be okay under all circumstances, learn deep lessons so that we give up the longing to demand and fix certain conditions in the short-term. When we flow, we are simply okay with the ride.


Okeko Learn & Share Gatherings

and Okeko's Learn & Share ABC Gatherings to Heal and Raise Consciousness through


Cosmic Choice

Okeko Learn & Share is about the flow of life. When we are in the flow, we are flow. This doesn’t mean we are perfect, because “there’s a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in” as the late Leonard Cohen sang very wise. We make mistakes, take things on that don’t belong to us, fail to see or acknowledge realities because of blind spots, hide our secrets in ‘energetic vaults’, withhold valuable information because we are afraid of emotions and instead engage in gossip to get rid of tension, we observe reactions of others more intense than our inherent guiding systems, we fear what others might think and say, get stuck in judgements and always the same conclusions, and so on, in other words, we are out of flow.

In Okeko Learn & Share we gather with people who are okay or intend to be okay who share ways to find flow and remind us of our ‘Cosmic Choice’. We practise and are sincere in our quest to find our own way of finding flow, whenever we feel stuck. We all have a basic choice in life. If we learn to tune into our-selves, we’ll find the powerful Universal creative love energies that inspire and guide us. We learn to feel the difference between flow and no-flow and are free as a bird to make a choice to be in flow or not. It’s really up to us. Nobody can make this choice for us without our consent.

The Cosmic Choice of Flow gives us power, ease, responsibility (the ability to respond or the choice not to respond), information (energy in formation) and thus awareness and clarity of perception, intention, insights, feelings, purpose, and so on, that enable us to express in playful and creative ways so that we attract experiences in life that resonate on the same high frequencies.

Okeko Gatherings are opportunities to Learn & Share about flow in life. The general concept of Okeko is presented here on this website. If participants resonate with Okeko they can partake in dedicated Okeko Learn & Share ABC Gatherings where we explore our three favourite topics A of ART B of BODYWORK C of COSMIC COHERENT CHOICE to Learn, Share, Heal and Raise Consciousness, which are available on the Okeko.co.uk website.

We learn and share to mark and allow the healing forces of the universe; we heal and facilitate easy, effortless nevertheless effective healing; we play with art and bodywork; we learn and share in the also called 'cut the crap' gatherings to let go of habits, hang-ups, limiting beliefs & assumptions, contradiction, useless control and conflict to make a 'cosmic coherent choices' in life.

We learn about the ‘Wu-Wei-Way’ (doing without doing) of creating art, the art of allowing healing and the facilitation of healing via bodywork; we let our artful expressions and healing discoveries touch our heart of hearts and share our insights far and wide; we integrate our lessons and see, for instance whenever we connect with others, what a difference it makes when we allow Universal forces to come forward.

Learning and sharing are like two poles of a magnet. They belong together. We are all students of life, there are no teachers, though we can share what we learn. In the Okeko Gathering of peers, our clear observation of ‘Self’, the free dialogues where we explore any topic of interest, the experiential energy exchanges and effortless exercises raises consciousness, and we benefit in all areas of life.

We learn from each other and share information to expand our awareness as infinite consciousness (that's who we are; see quotes down below), direct our point of attention towards healing (healing is a playful awareness process to let our struggles go, to be okay) and raise consciousness in gatherings in alignment with powerful Cosmic creative love energies and laws in order to fine-tune the perception of our life experience, fulfil our purpose of being and feel confident on our pathway because our heart knows the direction we’re going.

We can let go of our identification with what we 'do' in life. The learning and healing journey of Okeko’s founder was all about the process of letting go and refusing to identify with teacher, healer or bodyworker. We are the flow of infinite consciousness and can share our experiences, learn more in communication with others about living in flow together where healing can take place instantaneous because of our shared okay intentions.


We might want to investigate whether it is possible to create healing gatherings for people in need as well. Many are stuck in the mud, so to speak and need a little help to find flow. This doesn’t take effort, merely observing one’s-Self and the Self of others (which is the same, there is only one ‘Self’, as we see more clear in the free pdf booklets on our homepage) with all our attention and sharing our insights freely.

In this way, we find our learning and healing connection which brings exactly what we all thriving on and that is learning and sharing to expand consciousness so that we enable our-selves to move beyond hoping and believing into knowing our path in life. This effortless action will free our hearts from burden and isolation, where we know and live in truth of our we-are-all-one-consciousness reality. Whether stuck in the mud or free as a bird, in Okeko Gatherings we Learn & Share together and if one participant rises in consciousness, we all rise.

How?  First contact goes via the email form on the 'contact page' of our website. Start talking about the stuff presented here and organise a group of okay (or intend to be okay) individuals in your area. Read, understand and agree to the 'Terms & Conditions' (pdf file… more info on pdf files) and send a request for the facilitation of Okeko.

In an Okeko Gathering, there are always two individuals present: an Okeko Organiser and Facilitator. The primary and good-hearted intention of both, like all Participants in the gathering, is to heal and raise consciousness. Besides that, they fulfil a few tasks to make sure an Okeko Gathering is organised in the most optimal way.

Prior to the Okeko Gathering, the Organiser verifies that all Participants know when and where the gathering takes place and how to address feedback afterwards, agree to the 'Terms & Conditions' and sign the Okeko Learn & Share Gathering Consent Form (pdf), the Facilitator signals the start and end of a gathering, clarifies Okeko’s concept and partakes in the flow of information to encourage healing processes.

We gather in small groups (3-10 participants, organiser & facilitator not included) and preferably 'heterogeneous' [diverse, varied in content]. The more variety, the more interesting exchanges in future gatherings.


Think of variety as in:

* different ages: kids, teenagers, adolescents, adults, elderly are welcome;

* people from all walks of life;

* people in need of healing and people eager to share and raise consciousness;

* peers who need to learn, share, learn to share, share to learn and/or have their presence appreciated.

One Okeko Gathering takes two hours, we gather in small groups to learn, share and heal. If an organiser has the ability to organise a gathering for a larger group, we will split in participants and observers. A responsible caregiver / parent / guardian always attends either as observer or participant when allowing communication impaired individuals or minors into a gathering.

Whenever we want to talk about healing we have to find the origins of troubles and dis-ease because we want to let go of the dynamics that are causing us difficulty and illness. The moment we take a look at the origins, we enter a very controversial area where emotions tend to play a big role.

"Ninety per cent of pain is emotional. […]
There is a spasm in the emotional field before the spasm in the spine and the body." Dr. Randolph Stone

See full quote: http://www.digitaldrstone.org/v3b1p144.shtml

We can't deny that there is global shift in awareness going on which makes it more clear what the causes are of our struggles on this planet. Where in the nineties people didn't have to pay attention, the changing laws, attitudes and struggles of large numbers of people point to the detrimental dynamics in our societies which are visibly hindering the flow in life.

In the past many people dismissed this info all together, either laughing at it or forcefully putting it down. This is dramatically changing now and many of us let go of struggles, find solutions for trouble and remedy for dis-ease through Self-healing, maintaining sound selfhood, choosing for flow in life and raising consciousness.

Whenever we are ready to discover who we are, become aware of our power, learn ways of easy, effortless and effective healing, observe and acknowledge the more subtle realities in life, open our minds and hearts for continual learning, share the goodies that inevitable come from this, we raise consciousness which will set us free to live an artful life in flow.

Okeko also wants to collect data about more okay endeavours for website sharing, so we can support others who are eager to establish projects and realise visions to their heart’s desire in their own areas.

Who? In the 'about' section you can read all about the founder of Okeko.

In 2003, Pascalle had several visions about taking healing a few steps further than one-on-one bodywork sessions. Although she manifested parts of her vision in 2005, she had to admit that nobody seem to be ready for the more advanced parts. After travelling, moving, retreating, healing, meeting very interesting people, learning more about various healing techniques and so on, she noticed that more and more people are questioning, complaining and becoming aware of what’s going on in and around them.

She feels we are more than ready to explore, share insights and visions, learn about and play in the flow of life. It’s also fun to observe and mirror each other, encourage one another to express and let go of the rubbish in dedicated meetings, so we can enjoy the beauty of what remains together and with those who long to open up.

When? Whenever you are ready. Read, understand and agree to the 'Terms & Conditions', set up a gathering and invite Okeko via the Contact Page on our website.

Where? Okeko's start-up is in the Glasgow-Dumbartonshire-Argyll & Bute area of  Scotland and depending on how many people get to see its great potential, this unique initiative can spread in Great Britain, Europe and the rest of the world ;) Gatherings are organised in residencies, homes and venues. If you also would like to organise or participate in an Okeko Gathering, please send your request via the 'contact page' of our website.


learn, share, heal

process fears and emotions to be okay

raise consciousness

 create okay and playful realities full of art


Okeko’s Q&A

Read More

“[…] my inner spirit has reached out and touched the inner spirit of the other. Our relationship transcends itself and had become part of something larger. Profound growth and healing and energy are present.”

Carl Rogers

“Man is considered more or less an independent unit. His dependence on exchange of energy in the wireless field of Nature, like a receiving set in a broadcasting field, is still a new idea.”

Dr. Randolph Stone

“When one […] rejects conclusions of any kind, actually, not theoretically, completely put aside, has understood very deeply the question of pleasure and fear, and division --the `me' and the `not me'-- is there any form of the self at all?”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

“The extensive explorations of the relationships between science and spirituality over the past four decades have made it evident that the sense of oneness, which is the key characteristic of spiritual experience, is fully confirmed by the understanding of reality in contemporary science.”

Fritjof Capra

“A growing body of evidence suggests that an energetic field is formed between individuals in groups through which communication among all the group members occurs simultaneously. In other words, there is a literal group “field” that connects all the members.” HeartMath Institute

“The morphic fields of mental activity are not confined to the insides of our heads. They extend far beyond our brain though intention and attention. [… they] are structures of probability, and their organizing activity is probabilistic.“ Rupert Sheldrake

“In Bohm's view, all the separate objects, entities, structures, and events in the visible or explicate world around us are relatively autonomous, stable, and temporary "subtotalities" derived from a deeper, implicate order of unbroken wholeness. “ Intro David Bohm’s Book

“It’s on this journey, that at some point, the soul realises something crucial: that the soul in itself, is not an identity, but a stream of consciousness – a stream of experience. It means there’s only one self in the universe – the One; and you are that.“

Guest Writer Waking Times

“[…] the magnetic field produced by the heart […] can be detected up to 3 feet [0.9144 meter] away from the body, in all directions.

Research conducted at Heart Math Institute suggests the heart’s field is an important carrier of information. […] we have performed several studies that show the magnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect individuals around us. […] the nervous system acts as an antenna, which is tuned to and responds to the magnetic fields produced by the hearts of other individuals.[…] this type of energetic communication between individuals […] has the potential to promote the healing process.”

HeartMath institute

About Okeko

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Positive, Negative & Neutral

We need to allow the continual flow of Universal energies in and around our bodies, so that we can reflect in stillness upon our experiences, which is good for gaining insight, receiving inspiration, clarity, wisdom, and so on. Let’s follow the flow of energy from the positive to the negative pole, a 'centrifugal' (outgoing, expanding) movement and from the negative pole, in a centripetal (inward-moving, receptive) movement. This flow forms a new neutral (or zero point) phase on its way back to the positive pole. Read more: energy becoming physical.

Although there are more types of flow, all the phases of this flow are okay and the neutral phase is very okay. We can call this neutrality a 'still point' as there are no thoughts or feelings that colour our being and happiness is not relevant any more. We can witness all that comes our way or leaves us. The quality of being okay is a firm reality, and we all can become aware of it. Remember the passage about processing our so called negative emotions? Well, if we’re running away, pushing them aside, ignore or refuse to process them, we’re hindering flow.

Furthermore, we can become aware of the learning and healing dynamics. If we find ourselves in a conflicting, abusive or violent situation we can become conscious of the whole play by tuning into our higher self, the energetic information behind the scenes to see ‘through’ the story, we reconnect with infinite Universal consciousness and gain clarity in the neutral phase about our core life lessons that enable us to refine perception, intention, choices and expressions.

Yeah, we find the root of our experiences, the origin of our ups as well as our downs, our bliss and hurt. By finding the root, we will see our attachment to habits, hang-ups, limiting beliefs, assumptions, contradiction, useless control and conflict that we repeatedly need to manifest in the so called physical reality because of our lack of awareness.

All experiences emanate from within the Self. All that is active in our vibration we radiate, in other words we broadcast the energetic frequencies that we are familiar with, and we attract similar ones in our perceived reality. A perfect feedback loop also called ‘law of attraction’. By shifting our attention from the so called physical to the metaphysical we tune into the source of creation, where we can playfully create our reality.

So if we find ourselves in a repetition of detrimental patterns, going round in circles of fear, pain, and stress, we have to find the energetic dynamics of flow again in the healing, spiralling, expanding, contracting, neutral and receptive flows of energy, gaining clarity and shift to a higher level, reaching beyond what is already known, in other words, we need to process emotions to rise in consciousness so that we allow the frequencies we love.

In Okeko Gatherings, we become aware of many learning and healing dynamics. By intentionally observing flows of energy we gain greater clarity, we progressively raise consciousness together and support each other in letting go of detrimental patterns so that we allow ourselves to open up for flow in life. For if we clearly observe what’s going on in and around us, the parts that we have taken on board but are not our authentic Self cease to fascinate us, this shift in attention grants us access to knowing, which is a higher level of consciousness than hoping and believing.

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