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Bioenergy Therapy


It’s a 5-day
Healing Therapy

“I recommend these sessions.

Go with an open mind, and you’ll never know what the outcome might be.

I have arthritis in my knee, and at the time of attending it was quite troublesome.

By the fifth session all the pain had gone and I had just a slight residual stiffness which now has also gone.


But I also have so much more energy, and positivity.

In a few months I may book for another course of sessions.

Very professional, very relaxed atmosphere.

I give this recommendation freely, and I gain nothing by giving it.”

Sheena, Cardross

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Okeko Bioenergy Therapy Helensburgh  One treatment consists of a 5-day healing sequence to let go of anxiety, pain and  stress and create a new pattern of health. Okeko Learn & Share with us

"I went with an open mind, not really sure what to expect. I suffer from IBS and joint pain from an autoimmune condition. The results were very impressive with my pain diminished with each session and gone by the last. I had much more energy, practically bouncing in the door at the last session! A general feeling of being 'lighter'. I would highly recommend." Lucy, Cardross

Okeko Bioenergy Therapy Okeko Learn & Share with us

“Initially I found it hard to stand without falling and also when resting! Struggling to stay awake while Pascalle was working on someone else. After a few days I felt much more relaxed and in better balance. A very enjoyable and beneficial experience.” J., Cardross

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“Thank you Pascal for all your healing energy. I feel so much better both physically and emotionally. You have a great gift.” Moira

Note that it’s not my healing energy… and I’m not a healer. Just to be clear, all I do is facilitating a healing process so that Universal healing energies-in-formation inspire the client’s body to heal itself.

Love, Pascalle

Okeko Learn & Share with us

“I had ceased going to therapists for over 10 years as I was disillusioned having spent a lot of time and a fair bit of money trying to get better of my chronic respiratory problems with different treatments with little effect. Right from the start I felt there was something different about the language and style of the website which interested me and when a neighbour asked if if I wanted to go to Cardross to try Okeko with her, I went with an open mind and was not disappointed. Pascalle’s common sense approach was refreshing and at the end of the 5 sessions I felt better and ready to change my lifestyle for optimal health. Thanks for the nudge Pascalle!” Pamela